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Right from the beginning, Microsoft Surface has been popular for its versatility in designs enabling people to carry on with their work seamlessly with devices that seem to perfectly fit in. it almost feels like they are tailor-made only for you to work on.
From tablets that replaced the use of laptops, the portfolio of devices has now grown to meet every requirement that a business organization puts forth.
STS, as an esteemed partner of Microsoft Corporation, showcases the latest line of products developed and allows users to experience what Surface with Microsoft 365 has to offer. Microsoft 365 empowers the workforce with immense freedom and at the same time be assured with the best cyber security and manageability platform.


Exclusively made for corporates, Microsoft Surface for Business meets exactly what it is expected to deliver. Several Business enterprises are moving to Surface for Business taking advantage of the lower costs, better performance, and greater flexibility it offers. The biggest USP of Microsoft Surface products is their versatility that makes them the perfect choice for any business.
Microsoft Surface for Business provides all that a business enterprise requires for a smooth run of its operations. The features offered include various high-performance add ons like Enterprise-Grade Security, Modern Management with Autopilot, Surface EnterpriseManagement Mode (SEMM), and Microsoft Intune.
Windows 10 Pro is provided as a part of the standard package offered for Surface for Business devices. This complete Surface for Business package assures the provision of additional built-in security and several management features that sets you free to focus just on running your business operations.

Ready to Use Systems

Ready to use system new
Powered by the Windows Autopilot, these systems come ready for use instantly. There are no installation and setup hassles as most of the features come preloaded.

Modern End Point Management

Modern End Point Management new
Reduced cost, improved security, and delightful employees are what Modern Endpoint Management provides. This radically different service model helps companies with a mobile workforce using Microsoft 365 and enables the IT departments to be more proactive.

Effortless Collaboration

Effortless Collaboration new
The magic of bringing Microsoft 365 and Surface reflected in a happier workforce, right protection to the business, and extreme flexibility in the team working environment.

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