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Signature Technology Solutions has a good liaison with reputed and leading brand names in the IT sector. We are proud to announce that we are certified partners of Microsoft.
Our partnership permits us to offer our clients a complete suite of Microsoft Office Products and services which includes Microsoft Surface Devices, Windows Server, Exchange Server. Office 365, SQL, and many more.


Times have changed and brought with it the advent of digital transformation. Technology has been subjected to constant developments and advancements to make the end-user experience completely satisfying. Businesses use technology for various purposes ranging from optimizing operations, transforming products, customer engagement, and employee empowerment.
The challenge lies in finding ways to empower employees and creating a work culture that inspires and motivates the workforce. To bring about great scope for business growth and improve productivity we offer to our customers a complete intelligent solution in the form of Microsoft 365. It’s a brilliantly put-together package of Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Surface Devices.
Our expert consultants of Office 365 will help you transform your cloud solution into being an integral part of the enterprise software ecosystem and a convenient tool for every employee. We have the expertise and hence offer both technical and advisory assistance based on current requirements.


Microsoft Azure is a dream come true for many IT professionals as it has given innumerable possibilities to build and implement an IT project as you may want. Its open and flexible cloud service platform enables you to get work done by putting to use its ever-growing list of integrated services, applications, and tools. Choosing Azure through STS will get you assured 24/7 cloud support. The migration to the cloud platform needs to be conducted with great planning and caution. There needs to be a concrete, well-thought-out strategy in place while moving workloads to Microsoft Azure public cloud platform to realize the full potential of the transformational power that cloud offers. A misstep in the process, any unplanned move can bring about major setbacks and bring about a negative migration experience. Planned migration is therefore the key to maximizing the benefits from the move, taking you closer to your business goals.
We at STS have in place the right outline strategies and key steps involved in implementing Microsoft Corporation solutions vital to a successful Azure migration thereby resulting in a robust cloud deployment aligned to your business goals.

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