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Signature Technology Solutions, Inc (STS) stands as a distinguished and long-standing provider of technology solutions, boasting over 25 years of robust industry experience. Our clientele includes esteemed Fortune 500 enterprises throughout the United States.
We hold licenses to serve state and federal governments, federal contractors, and reputable business establishments. As a testament to our commitment and capability, Signature Technology Solutions, Inc (STS) proudly possesses the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract number GS-35F-0349R and holds the Small Business Administration Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) certification.


What sets STS apart is our commitment to tailoring solutions precisely to our clients’ needs. Our dedicated team of experts tirelessly delves into understanding your business requirements, crafting solutions that align perfectly with your unique needs. Our approach is centered on providing comprehensive solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also create opportunities for sustainable growth and development.
At STS, we view our client relationships as partnerships for mutual growth. We guide our clients at every step, working collaboratively to help them achieve their business goals. This bond is built on meticulous planning geared toward achieving shared success.
With 25 years of enriched experience, we excel in adapting swiftly to ever-evolving technologies, making us the top choice for any requirement demanding a technology-driven solution. We believe in the power of our workforce and prioritize empowering them with the right skill sets and fostering an excellent work culture. Our employees, serving as the best brand ambassadors of STS, embody the core value of Relentless Positivity.
STS takes immense pride in our workforce’s excellence, and what we offer through our client relationship executives is not just a service but a commitment to unwavering positivity and unparalleled dedication.

Relentless Positivity

Exceptional Talent new

Exceptional Talent

Impeccable execution new

Impeccable execution

Superior Professionalism new

Superior Professionalism

Go-getter performers new

Go-getter performers

Disciplined and focused new

Disciplined and focused taskmasters


Our highly experienced set of professionals in the Federal team has been supporting the public sector by helping operate the large ID/IQ contracting vehicles in the capacity of subcontracts and has even been awarded direct federal contracts. We have been robust in successfully carrying out contractual obligations for small business trade.
STS has been working closely with the Federal agency staff in handling the operations of Telecom or Unified Communications system and its technical support. STS has been working in the capacity of phone system providers and phone equipment providers, security equipment providers, etc to the federal agencies for 6 locations. We also maintain all VoIP phone systems utilized at these locations.
STS has also handled several projects that involve supporting the Federal Agencies by providing security equipment, network infrastructure, surveillance devices, premises security, etc with installation, operation, and handling customer support too across various locations.
Our past collaborations also paved way for a partnership with Bell Canada to provide all equipment, materials, labor, and overall project management required to install Plant Networks for their units at multiple locations in Michigan.

Our Founders

Michael has been an immense contributor to the field of Information Technology with experience of over 30 years. He holds a highly acclaimed series of IT certifications in Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and so on. Michael is a strong believer that employees are the biggest assets of any organization. He says a company can be only as good as its employees. Michael firmly believes that customer satisfaction is the best index to arrive at the success of a business. He helps STS achieve that by delivering products and services with quality and integrity.
Al is another valuable asset for STS with experience of more than 22 years in the field of IT. He has in his kitty of laurels many certifications with Microsoft, Cisco, Nortel, etc. to name a few. Al believes in motivating employees to be customer-centric in their approach towards work. He imbibed this philosophy from his early years with USAF Military Service, where he has served with devotion throughout the years.
Robert has worked as a management professional for more than 15 years, where he has gained experience in managing complex projects on limited timelines. He is renowned for his management of multiple disciplines, high-performance teams, and handling production teams with finesse. Not only has he managed the teams so efficiently but also led the team in delivering several successful projects.
Pamela, powerfully backed with her 20 years of professional experience as a certified Network Engineer and Project Manager, is a very vital asset to STS. She is responsible for delivering all projects within the stipulated timeline. She is the one person who single-handedly handles client management and addresses all technical issues if any.

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