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Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence
With 25 years of unparalleled experience, Signature Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS) proudly holds the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract number GS-35F-0349R and the esteemed Small Business Administration Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) certification. The journey of STS has been a remarkable one, marked by significant contributions from individuals who have shaped the legacy of this distinguished brand.
Discover the rich history of STS and get to know the visionary minds who have played a pivotal role in shaping our identity. Signature Technology Solutions, Inc. stands as a well-recognized organization that has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to enterprises for over two decades.
Our dedicated team has tirelessly worked to carve out a name synonymous with the quality and innovation that the term “Signature” represents. Over the years, we have extended our services to various federal and state governments, defense contractors, and some of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies.
At STS, we take pride in our journey, our achievements, and the trust bestowed upon us by our clients. As we celebrate 25 years of excellence, we invite you to explore the history of STS and join us in acknowledging the individuals who have contributed to making us the technology solutions leader we are today.

Our Services

Signature Technology Solutions, a leading Microsoft Solutions providers, delivers tailored technology services. Specializing in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, and Surface devices, we ensure seamless integration. Our Networking and Cisco Systems services prioritize security, identity, and professional security solutions. Trust us for innovative, secure, and client-centric digital solutions.


Our expert team ensures robust Structured Cabling, meeting BICSI and TIA/EIA standards. Trust us for certified technicians and comprehensive cabling solutions.

Microsoft Services Overview

From cutting-edge Microsoft Surface devices to seamless collaboration through Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint, we specialize in smooth migration solutions for enhanced productivity.

Web and Software Development

Our expert team crafts custom solutions, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and functionality. Elevate your digital presence with our tailored development services.

Cisco Systems

As a certified partner, we integrate cutting-edge Cisco technology, offering a range of products and services, including advanced security solutions like Cisco Security and Identity Services Engine.

Microsoft Surface

As a Microsoft partner, we offer versatile devices seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, tailored for businesses. Benefit from high-performance Surface for Business options with Enterprise-Grade Security, Autopilot, and more.


Trust Signature Technology Solutions for robust cybersecurity solutions. We prioritize your data's security, employing cutting-edge measures and proactive monitoring against emerging threats.

Comprehensive Technology Solutions Tailored for You

Uncover a myriad of services tailored to meet your technological needs at Signature Technology Solutions. As a premier provider specializing in Microsoft Solutions, Cisco Systems Solutions, Structured Cabling Solutions, and Software Application Development, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed for seamless integration and optimal performance.
Choose Signature Technology Solutions for a partnership that goes beyond technology – one that is dedicated to your success through tailored, innovative, and secure digital solutions.

Microsoft Excellence

As a leading Microsoft Solutions provider, we specialize in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, and Surface devices. Our expertise ensures the smooth integration of these powerful tools into your business environment, empowering you with enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Networking and Cisco Systems

Our Networking and Cisco Systems services are designed with a commitment to security, identity protection, and professional security solutions. Trust us to fortify your network infrastructure, ensuring a robust and secure digital environment for your business operations.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Experience efficiency in connectivity with our Structured Cabling Solutions. Our services are designed to provide a reliable and organized cabling infrastructure that supports your evolving business needs.

Software Application Development

In the realm of Software Application Development, we leverage our expertise to craft tailored solutions that align with your unique requirements. Our team of developers is dedicated to delivering innovative and functional applications that drive your business forward.

Innovative and Secure Solutions

At Signature Technology Solutions, innovation and security go hand in hand. Rely on us for cutting-edge, secure, and client-centric digital solutions. We prioritize staying at the forefront of technology trends to provide you with the most advanced and effective solutions for your business challenges.


Trust Signature Technology Solutions for robust cybersecurity solutions. We prioritize your data's security, employing cutting-edge measures and proactive monitoring against emerging threats.

Our Projects

At Signature Technology Solutions, we bring a wealth of expertise in Networking, SAP Services, and Software Development to empower businesses with comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions. Our offerings span a spectrum of services, ensuring that every facet of your technological needs is met with precision and excellence.
Our holistic approach encompasses not only software development but also seamless integration and the establishment of a resilient network infrastructure. Additionally, our commitment to cutting-edge cabling solutions ensures that your connectivity remains at the forefront of technological advancements.
Choose Signature Technology Solutions for a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your business through meticulous planning, seamless integration, and unwavering engineering excellence.

Networking Excellence

Count on our proficiency in networking to fortify your digital infrastructure. We specialize in designing and implementing robust network solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity and reliable performance for your business operations.

Structured Cabling Services

Navigate the complexities of structured cabling with our SCS Services. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to streamline your business processes through meticulous system design and implementation, optimizing the power of Cabling structure of your organization's success.

Software Development Services

Experience innovation through our Software Development Services. We craft bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled engineering proficiency to deliver enterprise-grade computer software that drives your business forward.



“I can’t thank Signature Technology enough for their exceptional services. As a designer, I rely heavily on a seamless and efficient IT infrastructure. The Networking Services provided by Star Knowledge not only met but exceeded my expectations. The connectivity and collaboration within our team have significantly improved. Kudos to the Signature Technology team for their expertise and commitment to excellence!”

David Hillson – IT Manager


“Gratitude is an understatement for the outstanding services provided by Signature Tech Solutions As a marketing professional, a robust IT infrastructure is paramount to our success. Signature Tech Solutions not only delivered on their promises but elevated our digital capabilities. The IT support and solutions implemented by their team have streamlined our operations, boosting productivity and collaboration. A big thank you to Signature Tech Solutions for their unwavering commitment to excellence – they’ve truly become an indispensable partner for our success!”

Alexandra Hayes – CEO


“As a small business owner, having a reliable IT partner is crucial. Signature Tech went above and beyond, transforming our IT framework. The Managed IT Services they provided have not only enhanced our security but also optimized our day-to-day operations. Thanks to Signature Tech, we’re now more agile and better positioned for growth. I highly recommend their expertise and commend their team for their dedication to client success.”

Marcus Thompson – Director

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