Every business enterprise has a network connecting all its electrical, electronic, and data transfer systems. A strong and structured cabling provision is what makes for a strong network and is one of the preliminary tasks undertaken to enable the rolling out of a project. The process of networking goes way beyond the obvious task of stringing cables and connecting them.

The Structured Cabling Design and Implementation from Signature Technology Solutions, Inc., will ensure:

Structured Cabling

Cabling Services

Our bouquet of cabling services go beyond just laying out cables for newly rolled out projects and offer-

Commercial Voice and Data Cabling

Data Cabling

If you are looking for the right combination of expertise in the field and cost-effective services in data cabling, STS cabling services are just what you need. We can come in wherever you need us- in setting up a business or expanding or renovating your business setup. 

We offer the following data cabling activities through our experts:

Enterprise Wireless (WiFi)

Providing enterprise-wide Wifi without compromising on the security aspects of the organization is the biggest USP of getting your enterprise wireless system from STS cabling. We ensure maximum security by providing a separate guest access wireless network that isn’t connected to your business network system. STS cabling also ensures seamless connectivity when you move between workstations or even shift to a new office building.

Besides Wifi we also handle other cabling activities like:

Digital IP Phone Cabling

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Cabling

Workstation Cabling

If you are moving to a new building or getting new furniture, we can connect your workstations to your office’s voice and data network.

Fiber Optic Data Cabling

Add fiber to your network to get the fastest possible throughput between switches or to connect multiple buildings. We do fiber installs for new or existing networks. We work with all fiber types (62.5 μm multimode, 50 μm multimode, and single mode) and connectors (ST, SC, LC, ribbon MPO, and FC).

Workstation Cabling

Fiber Optic Data Cabling

The future of high-speed internet connectivity lies in fiber optic data cables. Businesses highly depend on seamless connectivity to carry out its day to day operations efficiently.

We at STS are equipped to handle all kinds of fiber optic cabling requirements

Our Fiber Optic Services Include:


STS has under its cabling infrastructure kitty, the latest types of equipment to deliver efficient network connectivity to huge office spaces spread across distances. It is no longer necessary to lay lengths of fiber optic cables to connect two different buildings All you need are high-frequency gigabit radios. Dedicated network links can be established up to a distance of 60 miles with absolutely no additional infrastructural alterations or costs. We can simply install the state-of-the-art directional antennae to connect these buildings with network speeds that are greater than gigabits.