Partner - Cisco Systems

STS is a Cisco partner and we closely aligned with Cisco and stay current with the latest Cisco technology to serve customers more effectively. We encompass a broad range of expertise that provides real world perspective that helps customer prioritize and effectively deliver networking solutions.

STS will continue to leverage Ciscosystems innovation in products and solutions with emphasis on our employee’s certification in the areas of security and collaboration (VoIP).

We offer all of the following Cisco Products:

We also offer the following Cisco Services:

Cisco Security

Identity Services Engine

Identity Services Engine delivers superior user and device visibility to support enterprise mobility experiences and tocontrol access.

Identity Service Engine

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution

Provides highly secure, simple, and reliableaccess anytime, anywhere, from any device

Integrates with other Cisco systemsSecurity Solutions like CiscoISE, AMP for Endpoint, and Cisco CWS, to enable enterprise-wide risk protection

Cisco Trustsec Technology

Simplifies network segmentation by automating firewallrules and access control list administration, using plainlanguage policies, and defining security groups based onbusiness roles, not IP addresses.

Interoperability: Cisco® Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid)enables multivendor, cross-platform network systemcollaboration among parts of the IT infrastructure such assecurity monitoring and detection systems, network policyplatforms, etc. Ecosystem partners can use pxGrid toshare contextual information.

Professional and Technical Security Services

Work with experts to anticipate and respond to new threats, reduce complexity and fragmentation, and adapt with agility to changing business models.

Advisory Services

Strategic and technical security advisors conduct assessments and identify opportunities to improve performance, reduce risk and promote compliance.

Implementation Services

Accelerate adoption of the latest security technologies with minimal impact to operations, and optimize existing security technologies to increase effectiveness.

Managed Services

Our Cisco systemsServices such as Active Threat Analytics provide continuous monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities combined with industry-leading threat intelligence and expert investigators to rapidly detect advanced threats.